Natal: Mensagem de Natal

This year, I am speaking to you not from Buckingham Palace, but from Sandringham, where my family gathers every year for Christmas.

My great-grandfather, King Edward VII, made Sandringham his country home in 1862, and it was from this house that my grandfather, King George V, and my father, used to speak over the radio - originally to the Empire and then to the Commonwealth - on Christmas Day all those years ago.
Like many other families, we have lived through some difficult days this year. The prayers, understanding and sympathy given to us by so many of you, in good times and bad, have lent us great support and encouragement. It has touched me deeply that much of this has come from those of you who have troubles of your own.

As some of you may have heard me observe, it has, indeed, been a sombre year. But Christmas is surely the right moment to try to put it behind us and to find a moment to pray for those, wherever they are, who are doing their best in all sorts of ways to make things better next year.
I and my family, as we approach a new year, will draw strength from this faith in our commitment to your service in the coming years.

I pray that each and every one of you has a happy Christmas and that we can all try to bring that happiness to others. God bless you all.

Um excerto de uma famosa mensagem de Natal da rainha Isabel II. Em que ano foi proferida e com que não menos famoso epíteto a rainha classificou esse ano?

3 comentários:

Borgia disse...

1992, Annus Horribilis (só porque a casa ardeu, a nora apareceu em topless e a filha divorciou-se)

carlopod disse...

pois é. estranhamente ela não classificou do mesmo modo o ano de 1997...

Borgia disse...

Esse ano ela tratou do assunto para não ter a "casinha a arder"